Friday, March 25, 2011

Alumni Association's 3rd Annual Workshops

Another year, another great event!  This year's workshops event was organized and hosted by Marco Salazar De Leon.  Marco, a recently new alumnus, stepped up to the plate and took on the leading role to organize our 3rd annual Alumni workshops event. This event was well planned and well organized with several new and intriguing topics we all benefited from.

This year, one of our workshops included an outside speaker Marco coordinated to come in and present for our Resume/Networking workshop. Kat Hammelman, our resume workshop presenter, brought first hand knowledge on what recruiters, HR and companies look for in resumes and potential new employees.  She went over important points to improve resumes and even used some of our brothers' submitted resumes to display some common mistakes.  This workshop was very informative for our undergrad brothers looking to find their first job, those graduating  and entering the "real" world and even alumni who are always looking to further improve their careers.

Another great presentation very helpful in managing our economic life, especially during a turbulent economic state, was presented by Benjamin Rodriguez, a three year alumnus who has plenty of financial experience in the real world. Ben went over a variety of financial topics including debt, the power (or lack there of) that comes from credit, and budgeting.  His presentation provided a quick overview on how to manage our money, budget our finances, and financial changes we can make when times are tough.

Our second to last workshop was a panel of speakers hosted by Marco Salazar de Leon executed to perfection.  Marco provided several questions to a diverse panel of individuals composed of Abel, Juan, Erick F., Mario and Miguel Angel.  Each of them provided several perspectives to several post-collegiate life questions many of our young brothers might be curious about. It was very interesting to hear different answers from a variety of brothers in different life stages.

Out last presentation was our NAK History 101 presentation.  Michael, Jose, Abel and Saul, four out of our five Founding Fathers for the first time ever in Lambda Chapter history gathered together to share some of their most primitive stories as a group prior to pledging for NAK at UCSD, the issues they went through at UCSD while pledging and the establishment of and goals set for this Chapter.  It was gripping to hear some of these stories that our Founding Fathers experienced; stories that make NAK who NAK is today.

written by Octavio Ochoa

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