Monday, December 13, 2010

Jobs & Networking

As most of you guys know, NAK and our Alumni Association have many perks beyond college.  Yes, more than just buddies to chug a beer with or friends to pick you up when you're stranded in downtown.  Our chapter as well as our alumni association are great assets and resources whom to reach out to when looking for a job or information regarding a job position or even a career.  While some brothers have already taken advantage our this great asset those looking to enter the "real" world should know these helpful and valuable resources are available, if needed.  Our diverse backgrounds and fields of study as well as our cohesive group, even beyond college, makes us an outstanding tool to reach out to when it comes to job hunting or career development.  Our strong network amongst our local brothers and ties with other brothers from other chapters gives us that great opportunity to be able to share and provide back to those brothers in need.  So, if you're an undergrad looking for a part-time job, a senior (finally) graduating, or an alumni stuck with no job, always know that you're very likely to have a NAK brother who might just hook you up. Don't be a tool, use the tools!

a word from the Alumni Association

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